Vehicle Maintainence



Ram Automotive has been servicing the greater New Jersey Area for over 14 years. Ram is a family owned and
operated repair facility with Certified Technicians and over 3 decades of knowledge!

Engine Repair

A check engine light might indicate anything from a loosened gasoline cap to something much more serious like a blown head gasket. Having issues checked as soon as possible may stop additional failings of engine components.

Our mechanics can diagnose issues in your engine by tapping into your car's computer system:

Transmission Repair

Transmission fluid loses effectiveness gradually. Changing your transmission fluid at routine periods at Ram Automotive may lengthen the life of the transmission and protect against particular transmission problems.

NJ Exhaust Repair/Replacement

Complete Rebuilds to Performance Exhuast RAM Automotive can get your car running and sounding better. We offer custom exhaust and modifications for every type of vechicle.

Brakes and Suspension

Brakes are one of the most important safety attributes on your vehicle. There are 2 types of braking systems on most cars; traditional brakes and anti-lock braking system (ABS). A typical braking system is composed of the rotor, the caliper, and brake pads or shoes. If your brake pads wear and are not changed, the rotors could need to be replaced as well.

The suspension system needs to be inspected yearly, and perhaps more often depending on driving conditions, to prevent significant repairs. When you feel the first signs of suspension problems, have our mechanics at Ram Automotive evaluate your vehicle to fix the problem quickly. Extended steering and suspension issues will cause extreme safety threats in the future.

Why choose us?

The reasons that you should contact us



Ram Automotive builds lifelong client relationships. Our goal is to be your goto mechanic shop for all of your cars! We take pride in every repair from minor to major repairs, our team will give you the same quality repair.



If it has wheels we can fix it! RAM Automotive believes in treating every customer like family, and we will communicate repairs that are potential issues, and provide you with cost effective solutions to help keep you on the road safe!



We are proud to employ highly skilled mechanics with many accolades and awards. Our ASE Certified Auto Repair Technicians undergo constant re-training and re-certification. Our team of mechanics can determin your vechicles issues quickly and accurately. In turn, saving you time and money!